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G'day mate - Foodzeit's OZ Roadtrip - Australia Day + BBQ

Firework display over the bay
26.1.2014 - It's Australia day!! I am lucky to have chosen this season to come to Australia indeed. So last weekend we had a long weekend because Monday was also a day off. And we thought to ourselves what better idea then celebrating this very special day together like the locals:
1. Put an Aussie flag on the car
2. Drive to the beach with your BBQ grill goods and some beers in the cooler
3. Stay till late and watch the fireworks in the evening.
So I prepared some marinated Thai style chicken, some premium cuts of beef with some veggies, we packed some cold beers from our last tour in the Matilda brewery, we packed some beach towels and off we went to Geelong beach, a nice beautiful beach a one hour drive away from Melbourne.

With the Aussie flag on the car we got ready for a day on the beach
Once arrived on the beach, I discovered the public BBQ grill that are available for everybody. I actually was expecting a coal fired BBQ place like the one's we have them in Germany and I was already wondering why we did not purchase any charcoal. Actually they installed electric cooking / frying stations installed in order to prevent wildfires and everybody is able to access these stations free of charge. While that is an awesome idea, the only problem with this is that it was Australia day and besides us another 100.000's of people decided to come to the beach and do some BBQ as well. And because those electric cooking stations are not really that powerful, it took quite a while for some of the BBQ'd goods to be cooked well through to the core. There were two big families cooking when we arrived and each of them had the equivalent of 2 pigs , 3 cows, 15 chicken and 9 kilo of onions to cook. So we had to queue up for about 2 hours and besides a horrible sunburn, I got really hungry before I was even able to fry my chicken and my beef. But besides that we had a great Aussie day on the beach was a unique event that I will never forget. So here are some of my Aussie Day impressions.
Geelong beach, look at the sky, can you believe the deep blue color?
Australia is a real melting pot of cultures and no other day then Aussie day brings them all together
Yacht's in front of Geelong beach, there are so many of them!
Queuing up on the BBQ station
Finally I was able to start cooking the chicken and the beef
Fireworks over the bay of Geelong


  1. bis auf den sunburn- Australien ist da besonders gefährlich- sicher ein toller Tag!

    1. Ich wusste gar nicht dass es SF50 in der Sonnencreme gibt. Es war ein toller Tag und sogar das BBQ hat toll geschmeckt :) auch wenn es etwas lange gedauert hat...

  2. moral of the story: skip bbq on aussie day or any public holiday here if you want to just enjoy a little picnic without having to queue for hours to prepare your food on the bbq pit...cuz you'll never know who is queuing and cooking before you;) having said that, still it was a pleasant day for us and it couldn't have been better with a firework display to end our day!

    1. Maybe that is the spirit, queuing up for several hours makes you meet and mingle with many people that are waiting in line. Socializing Aussie style haha. Yes we did get lucky with the firework display indeed. What a great finish of a great day :)