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Lean chicken liver pâté

Freshly made chicken liver pâté in a bowl, tomato
Freshly made chicken liver pâté in a bowl, tomato
Today my new bread baking machine arrived. In order to celebrate my fresh baked walnut rye bread (more about that next time) I wanted to have something to go alongside with it. Ok, you can take butter on a fresh bread, that's also very simple and good. But being a "good" (really?) German, following my palette, that was simply not good enough.

Those of you who had the experience of visiting a Paulaner Restaurant before, which you can find in almost every big city all over the world, you have certainly tasted the bread that they serve with their beer and their food, and one of the accomplishments, alongside with the bread, is the fresh liver pâté (Leberwurst).

So of course, I wanted some  fresh spread of pâté for my delicious and fresh bread. But how to make that? After searching around, I finally found this delicious and easy liver pâté recipe, but as it is using a lot of fat pork meat, and my wife recently expressed her wish to eat less fat and more healthy things, I had to make some slight adaptations to this recipe. I did replace all pork meat with chicken meat, but it was essential to replace the fat from the pork meat with something else for the recipe to work out. So i had to get the fat part of the chicken, which is within the skin and the fat meat around the drums. inside the pâté - so I simple got the whole chicken and worked it in my recipe..

So, here is the recipe for you:
400 g chicken liver
600 g chicken meat with skin
Spice mix for 1 kg of liver pâté
18 g curing salt
2 g pepper
½ g nutmeg
½ g allspice
1 g marjoram
1 clove of garlic
½ onion

Cook the chicken with the skin until cooked, keep the stock. In the meantime clean the liver well, water it well through and infuse the liver in hot water for 2 minutes. Now put all the meat, the onion and the garlic through the grinder. Add all the spices and put everything in the meat cutter (or food processor if, like me, you don't have a professional cutter). Process the meat spice mix until you got a creamy consistency, this already is your pâté. Now fill everything in persevering jars (only fill up ¾ of the jar as the meat mix will still grow in volume) and boil everything at 95 degrees Celsius for about 90 minutes to well sterilize them. This way you can now store the glasses with your liver pâté for future usage.

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  1. How nice... freshly baked bread and home made pate!! Superb.... maybe I do need to plan a trip to GZ now... ;p