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    Thai streetfood

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G'day mate - Foodzeit's OZ Roadtrip

G'day, little kangaroo plush animal
Foodzeit is taking a break - in Australia. So, in order that you are not missing me too much, I decided that I will try to blog some food related entries about Australia. In the beginning I was not considering that this as I really was quite prejudiced about the culinary experience that I would be able to make in Australia. I was thinking that in Australia all I would be eating would be BBQ sausages, meats, kangaroo steaks etc. But boy, was I wrong. Australians really took dining to the next level.

After my first few days I am happy to say that I found an abundance of fresh quality meat, fruits, herbs and veggies straight from the farm as well as top class artisan cheese and wines here. This very fact and the fact that Australia is a melting pot with people from all over the planet that brought their culinary influence to the continent, certainly created something of a Mecca for foodies with flavors and tastes from all over the world. So I am happy to be able and discover the state of Victoria and hopefully blog a few nice photo stories about my trip.

My first photo story was in the Matilda Brewery in Melbourne, which is a nice little brewery that is making an awesome artisan brew, which, paired up with some real nice and refined bar food, is so much better then what I had as normal pub food ever. The prices are a bit steep but the real delicious fresh beer and the great tasting food will help you over your financial setback. So when in Melbourne, don't miss out on this little gem.

See the brewery equipment, they also offer guided tours through the brewery
The bar inside the brewery
The beer tasting "meter" - try six smaller glasses to get an overview on the variety of their beers
What beauties, right?
More then just plain and boring bar food, refined little snacks that will still your little hunger
Some fried Calamari
Yes, they also have normal size glasses (thanks god, I thought I was in Cologne)
For dessert step out, take a tour alongside the beach and discover some nice bakeries with a french pastry chef
Or simply dive into some fresh Italian Gelato... It's all good on my first day in Australia


  1. I would have assumed the same about the Aussie-food (though I like Lamington Cakes). But I also thought American food were all steaks, fries, and burgers, and was dead wrong, too!
    Enjoy your trip!

    1. I am with you on that. But honestly, it gets better and better every day, I am looking forward to what I will discover next !

  2. da wünsch ich dir weiterhin so viele schöne Eindrücke- beneidenswert, im sommerlichen Australien! Auch wenn Bier jetzt nicht meine erste Wahl wäre....

  3. Ja, aber das war ja kein einfaches Bier, sondern Artisan Beer, das ist um vieles besser :). Aber warte mal bis zum nächsten Eintrag, da ist dann auch was für Dich dabei, da bin ich mir schon sehr sicher.