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self made vanilla pudding

Strudel with vanilla snow and ice cream by the side
Strudel with vanilla "snow" sauce and ice cream by the side
Recently I have been baking some cakes but every time I found in dire need of pudding. But as I found out, pudding powder is something that I would not be able to easily find here, actually i was not even able to find it in Hong Kong. And if I am not able to find something in Hong Kong, it means that it will be really very difficult to locate it anywhere. So I had to dig out another way on how to make pudding on my own. Here is what I found, it's rather easy actually:

  • 4 eggs
  • 50 gram sugar
  • 2 Tabel spoon of starch (corn starch will do fine)
  • 1 - 2 pack of vanilla sugar (I make my own vanilla sugar by mixing my empty fresh vanilla pods with sugar and infusing everything for a few weeks) - or a few splash of vanilla concentrate - or the mark of one vanilla pod
  • 400 ml milk
Separate the egg white and the yellow of the egg (you will only need the yellow of the egg). Add the sugar, starch the vanilla  flavor and 100 ml of the milk. (if you are working with vanilla pods, you actually have to add the mark to the cooking milk, together with the pod to cook in order to get all the taste out of the pod, and get the pod out of the milk before adding the other ingridients). Now mix it well until you have evenly mass that does not have any clumps.
Now cook up the rest of the milk and once it is cooking, pour the milk to the mass (not the other way round). Stir everything for another 2 minutes on a small flame but don't cook it any more as otherwise the egg yolk could clump up. While doing this you can see how the pudding mass its thickening. Now you can put the mass in small bowls and keep in the fridge for your dessert.

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