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Strawberry cherry basil danish – Erdbeer Kirsch Basilikum Plunder

Danish fresh from the oven
 After a good meal or in the afternoon I like to have a fresh baked piece of Danish with a fresh brewed espresso or a cappuccino. But the Danish has to be fresh, there is nothing worse than an old piece of baked good that has a kind of a leathery texture between the teeth and that kind of old taste. But honestly, besides the puff pastry, making a Danish is an easy thing that does not take a lot of time and with a bit of imagination and creativity, you can make a unique piece of sweet for your coffee that is light, fluffy, tasty and unique. So when recently I was invited over for coffee, of course I wanted to bring something special along and so I made this strawberry cherry basil Danish. Here goes the recipe.

  • Puff pastry (for your self made puff pastry you can follow this recipe)
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 50 g brown sugar
  • 2 table spoon corn starch
  • 2 fresh vanilla pods
  • 250 ml milk
  • 150 ml strawberry and cherries
  • A handful of fresh basil leaves
fruity and crispy Danish freshly baked
First I wash the fruits, take the stones out of the cherries and clean the strawberries. Then I put everything in the blender and create the fruity basil infused pulp.
After that I separate the eggs and keep the egg yolks for the custard, then I mix the yolks with 100 ml milk, the sugar and the corn starch and mix it until the sugar is completely resolved.
Now I pour the rest of the milk in a pan, put it on the stove and put the heat on. Then I cut the vanilla pod open, take the mark out and put the mark and the pod in the milk to cook it together so that milk can take on the taste of the vanilla. With that I also put the fruit pulp in the milk and bring everything to a boil. When the milk is boiling, I pour the fruit / milk in the egg yolk mixture and mix it well. Then I pour everything back in the pan and bring it to the boil again. After that I take the custard mix of the flame.
In the meantime I prepare the puff pastry and cut it in squares. Then I pour the custard mix on the puff pastry squares and fold the corners up. After that it’s time to put the Danish in the preheated oven. At 200 degrees I am baking the Danish for 20 minutes until golden brown. This is a great Danish recipe that works well and I am looking forward to try this recipe with other flavor combinations.


  1. dass das gut schmeckt glaube ich sofort, mit Vanille und der vielen Frucht, hmmmm!

    1. Muss ich mal mit Blaubeeren machen, nachdem ich den schwedischen Kuchen gemacht habe :)

  2. hmmmmm....looks yumm! this time no self made puff pastry i cud see:p

  3. No problem with Danish, just that we do not get any pastry dough here, have to make it myself, and that's too troublesome for me. Yours look great, and unusual.

    1. I started to make it when I really was craving so much for it when in China. I will always, once in a while, make it again because the taste of the self made stuff is just so superior. But yes, you need a lot of free time to make it, I agree. The taste will reward you. You can make a big batch once and freeze some of it for later / another time

  4. Ich hab noch welche selbstgebacken, mir sind aber schon, wie dir, einige schlappe (offenbar betagte) Teile untergekommen. Hört sich sehr lecker mit der selbstgemachten Pastrycream an.
    Lieber Che, ich möchte dich gern zu meinem Blog-Event einladen, ein Brot zu kreieren, dass eines Götz von Berlichingen würdig ist. Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn du mitmachst.
    Einzelheiten findest du hier (englisch oder deutsch, ist egal):
    LG, Karin

  5. Besten Dank, es hat auch gescheckt. Ein Blogeven, Gerne werde ich mal reinschauen. Ich muss erst mal wieder Sauerteig machen. Aber jetzt habe ich eine Motivation!!!