• Thai streetfood

    Thai streetfood

  • Puff pastry cheese sticks

    Puff pastry cheese sticks

  • Fusion curry chicken

    Fusion curry chicken

  • Poppy seed strudel

    Poppy seed strudel

  • Vietnamese sandwich seller

    Vietnamese sandwich seller


Freedom bird
This blog has been actively passive for quite a while, thanks to the worldwide censorship.As I am really not sure why my blog was blocked so that I could not access it, edit it or created new posts, am happy to have found a way to go around the methods of blocking and, once again, amuse you and water your mouth with further delicious recipes from the world of culinary delights.

Enjoy and welcome back dear Blog. If you guys need help and want to know how I got around the censorship, write me a PM and I will let you know.

Now, over in Europe, there is a new campaign against ACTA, a new Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. This agreement already caused widespread protest (compare this article in Wired magazin). Please do read the article. spread it, tell everybody about it. The severity of this agreement, the impact that it could or will have, the power it gives governments and internet service providers over us users is something that needs to be discussed and everybody who is using the internet should be aware about it. Censorship is not so far away from you as you think...

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