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best bread worst bread, Majoran infused baguette

Piece de resistance - Baguette
Recently I wanted to try again to make a Baguette. The Baguette seems to be my piece de resistance, my personal waterloo of baking. I tried it a many times but I don't seem to be able to make it as nice as it should be, with big holes in the crumb, a certain height and the crackling surface with the soft inside that a real baguette has. I was replicating the recipe from thePloetzblog and infusing it with marjoram as it looked like the perfect recipe. And I can already say that this time I really succeeded and failed in the same time. I succeeded in making the most delicious bread that I had in a very, very long time. The infusion of the marjoram in the dough for many, many hours gave me the best tasting marjoram bread that I had in a long time. The crumb was soft and moist for many days to follow. 
But in the same time I failed in making a cross crust to the baguette as well as I failed in making one that has a certain height and consistency. I know in the aftermath what went wrong. I worked the dough too much before it went in the oven and therefore I was kneading the bigger air bubbles out. I made the baguettes too small and for this nearly impossible to work with. I did not have a form and a baker’s linen to let them rest in their typical form. Last but not least, I forgot to create a lot of steam when putting the baguette in the oven and let the steam off after ten minutes, but instead of that I kept a little steam all the time in the oven. All in all I terribly failed to make a baguette but I got something of the consistency of a "Seele" instead and the taste is the best ever. So I am not unhappy in what I made in the aftermath, but this blog post will go in the departments of baking blooprs. Next time I know and it will definitely get better. Anyway, here is the link tothe Baguette recipe. Next time when I succeed, I will post the whole recipe instead.I will actually make this very bread again as I love the Seele because I loved the taste more than ever, I will devote this bread to the five years blog anniversary of "hefe and mehr". But as this is in the same time a failed attempt, I will make bread for this round anniversary and hopefully post it before the event is over. Greeting and congratulations to five year of blogging about your baking experience, I hope five more years will follow.

5 Jahre Hefe und mehr - Blogevent mit Gewinnspiel


  1. denn erstens kommt es anders, und zweitens als man denkt...Majoran-Seele klingt sehr gut, finde ich. Ne ordentliche Seele wie ich sie mag kriegt man sehr selten- und ans Selbermachen hab ich mich noch nicht gewagt.

  2. Heute finde ich dass eine Seele einfacher zu machen ist als ein Baguette haha. Ich sollte den Bericht umschreiben in Majoran Seele. Der Geschmack war wirklich sooooooooooo lecker die Krume schmeckte etwas buttrig und nach Majoran, echt so lecker