• Thai streetfood

    Thai streetfood

  • Puff pastry cheese sticks

    Puff pastry cheese sticks

  • Fusion curry chicken

    Fusion curry chicken

  • Poppy seed strudel

    Poppy seed strudel

  • Vietnamese sandwich seller

    Vietnamese sandwich seller

cooking essentials - know how - tips and tricks

On this page I will list the most important articles concerning cooking basics, things that I had to do in order to be able to cook, ingredient  which I had to make on my own, basics that most of us forgot on how to make them just because they are so convenient to buy from the shelf. Hope that you can find some interesting and helpful stuff articles here.

How to make your own curd cheese / sour cream - Quark selber gemacht
How to make your own vanilla paste - Vanille paste selber machen
How to make your own selfmade vanilla extract - Vanille Extract selber machen
Where and how to buy your flour for cooking or baking in China - Wie und wo kaufe ich in China Mehl zum Backen und Kochen ein
How to make your own vanilla pudding - Vanille pudding selber machen
How to make your basic puff pastry - Blätterteigselber machen
How to make a roux- Mehlsschwitze selber gemacht
How to cook chicken to perfection - Hühnchen perfekt garen

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