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    Thai streetfood

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    Puff pastry cheese sticks

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G'day mate - Foodzeit's OZ tour, today @ a culinary tour through the Yarra valley

Glass of wine with good cheese and a fabulous view
What is more to wish for?
On the free Monday following the Australia day, we decided to check out the Yarra valley, situated in the north east of Melbourne. The day was a wonderful day and now, thinking back, I wish I would have more time planned for cheese and desserts hehe. This little docu shows the wonderful region of the yarra valley that has to offer an abundance of awesome artisan products the make your mouth water and don't let anything left to wish for. The problem that I had is that everything is already too touristic and we had to fight our way through the chocolate place, trying to compete with busloads of tourists that all had the same idea in mind – tasting and buying handmade chocolate. All in all I am happy though that handmade specialties and produce from farms are so successful in Australia and that people do seem to care where their produce come from and that there is always fresh things on the tables. Hope you are enjoying this little culinary tour as much as I did.

Artisan cheese vending stand, all local Yarra valley products here only
Different Yarra valley winery products on display in this wine shop
Artisan sourdough bread on display in this artisan bakery
This artisan chocolate place is hand making delicious chocolate products
like this fish made of chocolate
tons of bars of chocolate on display
more bars of chocolate on display
which one to choose is the most difficult option
The praline vending stand
An artisan Italian style ice cream stand to cool off on such a hot day
Traktor in front of the vineyard
Close up of the vineyard
Vineyard different wine display
Choice of different cheeses
Wine and cheese pick nick in front of the vineyard


  1. Wine and Cheese and Chocolate and Sunshine.... fabulous!

    1. I tell you, what a wonderful day it was indeed, four of my favorite things.